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    Pediatric Therapy and Sensory Gym for Autism and other Developmental Disorders

    Is your child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Torticollis, Down’s Syndrome, Genetic Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, PDD / PDD NOS, Spina Bifida, Congenital Disorders, Orthopedic Injuries, Muscular Disorders, Neurodevelopmental Delays, ADD /ADHD, or Sensory Processing Disorder? If your child is in need of Physical...
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    Falls Injury Prevention and Balance Training

    TAKE THE RISK AND FEAR OUT OF REHAB We are dedicated to providing patients and caregivers safety and confidence during rehab. It is our goal to help individuals overcome their physical and psychological challenges and enhance their quality of life. Our Solo-Step system, overhead track and harness, allows our therapists to work one on one ...
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    Physical Therapy Can Prevent Unnecessary Surgery

    Recent research is showing that surgery might not be needed as often as we think. A large review estimates that 10% to 20% of surgeries might be unnecessary and that in some specialties such as cardiology and orthopedics, that number might be higher. The reasons for so many unneeded surgeries being performed are varied, but...