Occupational therapy helps with individuals who struggle with their disorder, disease or condition that limits their ability to perform or engage in daily routines and activities. Living in a situation that prevents you from doing what you want can cause depression and may have other negative impacts on one’s confidence in life. At Holsman Wellness, we understand the struggles that patients seeking occupational therapy are faced with. We provide a wide range of treatment options to help promote and increase independence and activity participation in our patients and clients.

Our Occupational Therapists cater to people of all ages helping them participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of day to day activities. Occupational therapy helps individuals function in any environment whether at home, work, school or community and deals with the psychological, physical and cognitive aspects of their well-being through engagement in occupation. 

At Holsman Wellness, we create treatment programs to suit the individual needs of our clients and patients. Some of these programs include helping people recover from injury to restore function through retaining or adaptations and providing support for seniors that are experiencing cognitive and physical changes and assisting children with disabilities to develop their social skills and to participate in school.

Our occupational therapy services are comprehensive, starting with an individual assessment in which the client, his family, and occupational therapist identify the goals of the person. This is followed by the customized intervention to increase the ability of the person to carry out day to day activities and attain the goals. Finally, there will be an evaluation of the result to ensure that the goals were being reached and or to customize the intervention plan according to the skills and needs of the patient.

Occupational therapy involves assessing the home and other environments of the client and creating recommendations for adaptive equipment and training in its use. It includes modifying tasks or activities to promote participation and providing caregivers and family members with proper guidance and education on how to deal with the situation correctly.

Low Vision Rehabilitation - Low vision can interfere with the ability of a person to perform day to day activities. Holsman Wellness has occupational therapy focusing on low vision rehabilitation to reduce falls and occurrences of re-hospitalization while improving independence and well-being.

The occupational therapists at Holsman Wellness work with clients and patients of all ages to promote independence in areas of work, self-care and leisure. Our therapists coordinate with orthopedic, neurological and other diagnoses affecting the ability of an individual to perform daily chores. Such diagnosis may include stroke, arthritis, joint replacement, and cardiac conditions.

The different Occupational Therapy programs that we offer at Holsman Wellness include:

Self-care Evaluation and Training – In this program, our therapist works with the patient to train techniques and encourage the use of adaptive devices to improve the ability of the person to improve in the aspects of self-care duties.

Housekeeping Evaluation and Training – This program involves evaluating the ability of the person to perform housekeeping tasks. Included in the training are different ways to do tasks with possible adaptive devices or home modifications. 

Joint Protection/Energy Conservation Technique Training – The Occupational Therapist works with a cardiac patient or other conditions that cause fatigue to train techniques that conserve energy and protect from further joint damage while doing daily activities.

Home Assessment – The patient’s home is visited and evaluated by the Occupational Therapist in order to make modifications, if ever necessary, to allow the patient to function safely and independently. Some of the equipment that may be added during the modification include ramps and grab bars. Simple safety techniques are also taught to prevent falls and reduce hazards at home.

Young physiotherapist working with senior patient in clinic

There are many benefits that Occupational Therapy can bring to patients.

IADL or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living are the abilities and skills that an individual needs to perform certain daily tasks to promote independence in critical areas that can be addressed by occupational therapy. Although these activities are not regarded as fundamental for basic functioning they are actually important for assessing the daily quality of life and relative independence of a person. There are different approaches to occupational therapy that can address IADLs effectively that are vital to a healthy independent lifestyle and may provide long term health benefits such as:

  • Promoting improved activity levels through client-centered OT
  • Improving IADL performance in older adults through exercise programs that involve functional activities
  • Increase community mobility and meal preparation through progressive resistance strength training

Reducing Risks of Falling and Modifying the Household - It may be necessary to perform home modifications in the living situation of an older adult. A good fall prevention program should include home modifications. Effective occupational therapy interventions are as follows:

  • Multifaceted interventions that focus on reducing multiple risk factors of falling by keeping the older adult’s home safe
  • Assessment of the client and their home and performing modifications to reduce falls for clients with falling history and increasing safety
  • Providing adaptive equipment to reduce functional decline and ensure safety
  • Providing physical activity to reduce fall risks and prevent falls
  • Modifying the household for older individuals that have a disability to reduce perceived challenged with ADLs and IADLs, promoting participation and independence.
physiotherapist performing some stretch exercises on mans leg

The other OT programs that Holsman Wellness offers include: 

  • Strengthening, Conditioning, and Endurance 
  • Functional Transfer Training
  • Fine/Gross Motor Coordination
  • Hand Therapy
  • Functional Balance Training
  • Cognitive/Perceptual Skills
  • Caregiver Training
  • Wellness and Recovery
  • Wheelchair Assessment


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