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Holsman Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation PC is a comprehensive all in one rehabilitation company providing Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies under one roof. Our experienced and caring therapists provide one on one treatments and holistic approach in achieving patients’ full recovery. We provide care for patients in all ages, work related injuries, sport injuries, musculoskeletal cases, and Medicare cases.
Our chiropractors practice a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care that includes patient examination, diagnosis and treatment to restore joint mobility by manually applying a controlled force into joints.
woman getting massage
Massage Therapy
Massage relieves muscle tension and stress, increases flexibility and mobility, and reduces pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.
doctor talking to patient
Speech Therapy
Our speech-language pathologists provide intervention for patients who have difficulty communicating or have problems swallowing. The goal is to enhance cognitive and swallowing strategies to the highest functional levels.
patient practicing therapy
Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists concentrate on improving the patient’s ability to walk, increase their balance, muscle strength, and coordination through one-on-one therapeutic exercise or workout training guidance.
therapist with woman
Occupational Therapy

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trainer with athlete
Personal Training
Increase your accountability and maximize your results related to body composition and strength.
children playing
Pediatric Physical Therapy
Increase your accountability and maximize your results related to body composition and strength.
children playing with balls
Pediatric Occupational Therapy
Increase your accountability and maximize your results related to body composition and strength.
child talking
Pediatric Speech Therapy
Increase your accountability and maximize your results related to body composition and strength.

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